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Get more in-field insights with the Mavic 3 Enterprise Double 4K

THUR., DEC. 21. @ 1 P.M. CT

Maximize In-field Insights with Mavic 3 Enterprise Double 4K

The DJI Mavic 3 Enterprise is a powerful drone solution for agronomic leaders. And now, when paired with Sentera’s Double 4K sensor, it can provide deeper insight into crop health and performance.

The Sentera PHX and 65R are well poised for accurate and affordable DSMs


Get Precise Digital Surface Models (DSMs) with the PHX and 65R

Using digital surface models (DSMs) can give deeper insights, whether in agriculture, construction, or environmental monitoring. Learn how the PHX and 65R help deliver more precise and affordable DSMs across industries.

When it comes to building your remote sensing roadmap, learn where to start.


Building Your Remote Sensing Roadmap

Join us for a deep dive as we share a step-by-step guide that covers — from start to finish — how to build a remote sensing program that works for your unique use cases.

The 6X Sensor from Sentera captures science-grade multispectral imagery


6X Sensor: Multispectral Data Processing Deep Dive

From capturing science-grade multispectral imagery to simplified data processing workflows, the 6X delivers precise plant-level measurements and orthomosaices. Join this webinar to get a deep dive into how to process data captured by the 6X.

Evaluate plot quality to make plot deactivation decisions


Measuring Plot Quality to Guide Plot Deactivation Decisions

Having insight into plot quality can provide essential insight into early- and mid-season performance. Learn how this can inform critical decisions. 

There's a new leader in the sky: Freefly Astro + 6X


Precision in the Sky with the Freefly Astro & Sentera 6X

Accuracy, precision, and data control serve as key concerns for today’s ag researchers. See how you can unlock all three with the Freefly Astro & Sentera 6X.

Join our Lookback Program webinar to learn how to use your historical data


Looking Back to Plan Ahead: The Value of Historical Data in Agronomy

Immense value lives in historical data, particularly for researchers and product developers. Learn how to harness the power of this data to inform future decisions.

How to track crop health during the season for maximum insights


How to Get Crop Health Data All Season

Uncovering crop health data and insights throughout the entire season comes much easier when using technology like an ag drone system. Learn how this insight can help improve end-of-season outcomes and yield.

Unlock the value of Stand Count with drone technology


Upgrade Your Stand Count: The ROI of Capturing Emergence with Technology

Capturing emergence data via manual methods takes a lot of time and can be quite subjective. Learn how to leverage ag drones and sensors to generate detailed Stand Count analytics that delivers ROI all season long.

How to build an ag model to unlock the power of data


Build-Your-Own Model: Solve Your Ag Problems with Machine Learning

Flush with data, the agriculture industry faces another challenge: How do you use this data to tell a story throughout the season? Learn more in our webinar about agronomic modeling.

You Fly, We Fly: When to work with Sentera's Flight Services


You Fly, We Fly: Standardizing Aerial Data Collection for Ag

When it comes to getting the most accurate and precise agronomic data, it starts by standardizing aerial data collection. Learn more about how Sentera’s Flight Services team does this in our webinar.

The Sentera 65R, ultra-high-resolution aerial imager


Introducing the 65R: Capturing the Sharpest Aerial Imagery

Ultra-high-resolution aerial imagery means faster image capture with more precsion. See how the 65R can work for you in this webinar.

Get absolute location certainty with the Sentera DGR System


Maximizing Ag Data Precision with the DGR System

From decreasing flight times by 60% to delivering ag data 5x faster than other methods, the Sentera DGR System streamlines workflows and simplifies aerial imagery data collection.

Machine learning is transforming agriculture


The Future of Machine Learning in Agriculture

From autonomous tractors to deeper crop health insights, machine learning has the power to transform agriculture. In this webinar, learn how it’s shaping the future of data analysis and productivity for agronomic leaders.

Why does ag data matter for research? Learn more in our webinar


From Data Capture to Analysis: Getting the Data That Matters for Ag Research

When it comes to research, the type, frequency, and depth of measurements matter. Learn how remote sensing plays a role in capturing this data in this webinar.

Fixed-wing vs. multirotor: which is best? Learn more in our webinar.


Ag Drone Deep Dive: Maximizing Aerial Imagery Collection 

To get crop health insights, which drone should you choose? Fixed wing or multirotor? Join our deep dive with Sentera’s Matt Skelton for an analysis on the differences.

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