Using drone technology to capture early season emergence data, or Stand Count

Upgrade Your Stand Count:
The ROI of Capturing Emergence Data with Technology

Using manual methods to understand early-season emergence takes a great deal of time and can introduce subjectivity into the resulting data. This can make it challenging to get insight into performance early in the season, and understand outcome potential.

Technology like ag drone systems and resulting analytics can transform your Stand Count process, both for broad acre and research applications alike. The result? Standardized data and measurements to inform key decisions early in the season, from defining benchmark performance measurements to initial treatment plans.

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In this 30-minute on-demand webinar with Sentera’s Devon Libby, learn the ROI of capturing emergence data with technology, including:

Data collection best practices for Stand Count

How to identify which Stand Count method and analytic works for you

Real-world examples of key problems and use cases for Stand Count

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Tyler Nigon
Devon Libby

Geospatial Product Manager