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Compatible with all major ag drone platforms to help you detect in-season data points for emergence, crop health, end-of-season yield, and every stage in between.

Capture More – Faster, With Confidence

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Sentera Single

High-Precision Single

Entry-level ag sensor for NDVI/NDRE

Double 4K

Double 4K

Versatile sensor for multispectral imagery

6X Sensor

6X Multispectral

Research-grade quality multispectral 

6X Sensor

6X Thermal

Calibrated multispectral with thermal capabilities

Sentera 65R Sensor for Aerial Image Capture


Ultra-high-resolution aerial sensor purpose-built for drones


Rely on Proven, Precision Sensors

Use our field-tested, aerial-based solutions to get the data you need, whether you require specific plot measurements or data-driven insights for grower engagement.

Get Reliable Data & Insights

Rely on our ag sensors to get you the high-resolution imagery you need, when you need it – because we know that while measurements matter, timeliness matters even more. 

Stand Count with FieldAgent

Power Faster Agronomic Decisions

Validate outcomes and performance with access to more data and deeper insights – without sacrificing quality so you can focus on making critical decisions.

Our Recommended Ag Drone Packages

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Accomplish your aerial missions faster by choosing one of our pre-configured packages, built with Sentera’s leading sensors.

Research Package

Calibrated Multispectral and High Resolution RGB Insights

Broad Acre Package

Maximum Coverage Crop Health Maps and Insights

Sentera Mavic 3 Enterprise Double 4K System

Scouting Package

Field-Level Scouting for Vegetative Insights

Discover how Sentera can help you make critical decisions

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Sentera Announces Strategic Partnership with Dynatech

Sentera Announces Strategic Partnership with Dynatech

Sentera is partnering with Dynatech Innovations, a premier technology distributor based in the United Arab Emirates. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in Sentera’s global expansion strategy and aims to bring state-of-the-art sensor technology to a broader market across multiple sectors. 

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