Sentera PHX

Fixed-Wing Drone

Scout More Acres, Capture More Data



4.5lbs (2kg)


up to



up to

with RTK





One drone, multiple use cases.

With plug-and-play integrations with Sentera’s Double 4K and 65R, produce accurate digital surface models (DSMs) and imagery products for use cases in several industries.

  • Agriculture
  • Construction
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Infrastructure

Double 4K

Sentera Double 4K Sensor

Designed for more precise image capture with the Sentera PHX, select one of four variations of the Double 4K to get the data you need, when you need it.  



With a global shutter and 65MP, dig deeper into performance with the ultra-high-resolution aerial imagery to produce precise digital surface models (DSMs) and analytics.

PHX in flight

Take Your Scouting to the Next Level

From emergence to harvest and every stage in between, the PHX is a workhorse to get insights to fuel critical decisions around replant, input management, and end-of-season yield.

Cover More Ground, Faster

With a cruise speed of 35 mph, cover more ground 3x faster than other drones on the market — getting you the data you need, faster.

Autonomous Precision Landings with Fixed-wing Drones
Getting field edge insights with the Sentera PHX

Get Deeper Insights, All Season Long

Whether using an RGB or multispectral sensor, get precise digital surface models (DSMs) and unlock the power of Sentera’s analytics for deeper insight and analysis. 

Faster Data Collection, More Precise Analytics

With the PHX, capture high-resolution aerial imagery for insight into your field. Go deeper with our analytics, which translate imagery into detailed data sets, helping you make critical in-season decisions about key inputs based on identified outcomes.

Anatomy of the PHX

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Pitot Tube

Our patented design is flexible and durable to optimize airspeed measurements.



Get in the air, faster with the PHX hand launch technique -- powered by our propeller in the back of the drone.


Compass & Airspeed Sensor

Flight control made easy with our built-in compass and airspeed sensor.



Onboard GPS sensors means your PHX will automatically maintain commanded altitude, no manual control required.



Compatible with Sentera's Double 4K and 65R to generate precise digital surface models (DSMs) and ag analytics.



Charge faster, and fly longer, with our smart Lithium polymer battery complete with health alerts.


Data Link

With a two-mile connection radius, our CommsBox means you always know the location of your PHX.


Fixed Wing

Fixed wing design results in faster flights -- 3x faster than other drones on the market.

Mission, success. FlyPHX includes an easy-to-use wizard to plan your flight, with pre-flight checklists to prepare before the session begins. 

Autonomous Flight, Accomplished. Our MAVlink-based Senthawk Autopilot was custom designed for the PHX, offering advanced communication capability with an onboard co-processor. In addition, our Custom PX4 is tuned for optimal PHX performance when in the sky. 

Check, check, and check. In-app camera feedback gives real-time insight into camera function; and, offloading data into FieldAgent is a breeze.

The ultimate powercouple. Our smart Lithium polymer battery (9,000 mAh, 99Wh, 11.1V) is maximized for the PHX, featuring fuel-gauge monitoring technology. With our smart battery charger, get a full charge in just an hour (and use health checks and warnings to stay in-the-know with battery performance).

10-4, PHX. Featuring a two-mile radius, the PHX CommsBox offers built-in networking capabilities to get essential in-flight information about your PHX. Connect to your device wirelessly or via Ethernet.

Get in the Air with the FlyPHX App
Erich Eller, ForeFront Ag Solutions


This is a gamechanger. 

“From knowing where you need to replant or whether you need to go spray, the insight you get from the aerial imagery helps identify priorities to maximize yield.”

Everything You Need, In One Case.

Our Nanuk 990 hardcase includes a custom foam liner to protect your PHX, — and at 26 lbs fully loaded, it means you can actually carry it. (Dimensions: 47.1” x 17.3” x 6.6”) 

We’re Here to Help

Whether in the sky or on the ground, the Sentera team is here to support you to guarantee a sucessful mission, each and every time.

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From our support site to free training on YouTube, find the tools you need to build your PHX expertise. Need a hands-on approach? Custom training packages are available.   

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Protect your investment with SenteraCare, our extended care warranty for the PHX. Structural and full-factory refurbishments are also available. Contact us for details.  

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The Sentera Store makes it easy to order spare parts when you need them — place your order online and get your parts in a few days. (Our sales team is also standing by, ready to help!)