More Sensors Now Supported by Sentera’s Ag Insights
| March 1, 2023 |
Getting insights at the field and plant level is now possible with Sentera

Agronomic Insights Platform Extends Compatibility with RGB Imagers

ST. PAUL, Minn. – Mar. 1, 2023 – Sentera, the industry-leading provider of ag analytics, today announced that its agronomic insights platform, FieldAgent, now processes RGB imagery from additional ag sensors.

“The data captured from RGB sensors provides deep insight into research plots and fields,” said Devon Libby, product manager, Sentera. “In addition to multispectral sensors, these imagers can be used to monitor and measure key growth stages throughout the season.”

After capturing aerial imagery with an RGB sensor, like Sentera’s 65R or the Mavic 3 Enterprise, users can now upload data into FieldAgent to generate an orthomosaic for insight into crop health and performance. The imagery can also be used to order Sentera’s FieldInsights, which are analytics powered by an image-based deep learning engine to translate aerial imagery into detailed data sets and measurements.

Most of Sentera’s FieldInsights analytics are now compatible with imagery generated by these RGB sensors:

  • Canopy Cover, characterizing crop growth stage, development, and maturity
  • Crop Area, detecting and validating field borders digitally
  • Crop Health, measuring the effects of products and treatments
  • Elevation & Hydrology, modeling how water will flow within a field to fuel critical decisions about water management
  • Flowering, monitoring development and timing throughout the season
  • Height & Lodging, measuring canopy height and detecting areas of lodged or damaged crop canopy
  • Residue Cover, fueling critical decisions around soil management, including tillage and planting
  • Stand Count, quantifying crop emergence and uniformity


“Often times, researchers and product developers are relying on manual labor or other data collection processes that are prone to human subjectivity,” said Libby. “By unlocking the ability to generate FieldInsights from imagery captured by additional RGB sensors, this continues to support our mission to accelerate the research and product development lifecycle while boosting productivity and efficiency.”

Newly compatible RGB sensors can also be used to generate analytics for permanent crop use cases, including Tree Count, Tree Status, and Tree Health.

For more information about Sentera, visit https://www.senterasensors.wpenginepowered.com.


About Sentera

Sentera unlocks the power of agronomic data with the industry-leading ag analytics platform powered by machine learning. With its proprietary machine learning as a service (MLaaS) platform, Sentera delivers the fastest and most reliable agronomic insights to maximize performance outcomes, which can be informed by aerial imagery captured by Sentera’s drone technology solutions or services. Operating in more than 45 countries, Sentera works with hundreds of customers focused on research, product development, and in-field product validation. For more information, visit https://www.senterasensors.wpenginepowered.com.

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