And That’s a Wrap: Our Favorite Growing Season Moments
| September 2, 2022 |
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Each growing season comes with its curveballs and challenges, but I think this year may take the cake. What started as a rainy, wet season quickly turned into a wave of scorching heat throughout most of the country; only to complement macros challenges like rising costs and supply chain bottlenecks on top of that.

Even so, one of the things we know about those working in agriculture is that they are resilient and steadfast. Each growing season comes with its own unique challenges, and even with the obstacles that made it for an interesting season for many, it was still a year to celebrate.

While we are still a few weeks away from harvest in the Midwestern states, today marks our last day of our #SenteraintheField series, which we introduced early in the season to celebrate the amazing places that our team visits. From early emergence to crop health to capturing tassel counts, it has been a busy season.

Busy as it has been (and continues to be!), let’s take a step back and celebrate our favorite moments from the season.


Dry, dry, dry

Corn Shoot in Dry Dirt 

At the end of May, Elias Dallmann on the Sentera team captured this image in Nebraska – showcasing how quickly things turned from wet to a desperate need for a drink.


Taking in the beauty

Summer sunset over a field

Perhaps one of the best parts of spending time in the field is to enjoy the beauty that Mother Nature bestows on us day after day. Yes, we complain about the weather she drops on us, too, but sometimes you just need to take it in.



Knee high by 4th of July

Summer Field Corn

Here in the Midwest, you just know that corn will be knee high by 4th of July. Sentera’s Machaela Balsavich artfully captured this image to prove out the old adage.



A whimsical country

Aerial imagery of Washington fields

There’s something about this aerial image of fields in Washington that makes you feel like you need to take a deep breath and enjoy the moment.



Summer sunflowers bring big smiles

Sunflowers for days

Try not to smile when you take a look at this field of sunflowers, basking in the sun.


And there you have it! We hope you enjoyed our journey across the country for #SenteraintheField. Follow us on Twitter to see where else agriculture takes us as growing seasons ramp up around the world.
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