Sentera Launches FieldAgent Mobile Stand Count
| May 15, 2023 |
FieldAgent Mobile Stand Count - Now Available

Functionality delivers field-edge insights for retail agronomists

ST. PAUL, Minn. – MAY 15, 2023 – Sentera, the industry-leading provider of ag analytics, today announced the launch of its FieldAgent Mobile Stand Count functionality, which generates accurate early season emergence data at the field’s edge within minutes of data capture.

With FieldAgent Mobile Stand Count, customers capture aerial imagery via a drone mission. Once the imagery is uploaded to the FieldAgent Mobile iOS app, Stand Count is generated within minutes – providing accurate insight into initial plant population counts across the field.

“For grower-facing agronomy customers, delivering analytics within minutes of a flight transforms the value they can provide to their customers,” said Eric Taipale, chief technology officer, Sentera. “This product enables single-visit assessment and scouting while providing the same coverage and sample count benefits of our cloud-based products. With the edge-based capability, management and replant discussions can take place in real time.”

A clear picture of crop emergence is essential and helps set the stage for the season ahead. Growers, track uniformity, emergence, drownout areas, and other indicators that can have a large impact on harvest outcomes. Often, this information is captured via manual scouting, which is time-consuming and difficult to deploy across an entire field. Sentera’s aerial imagery-based technology gathers more data more quickly from across the field, which is then translated into population and other emergence measurements by Sentera’s data science toolset.

Sentera’s Stand Count product family leads the industry in accuracy and robustness. For breeders and crop production users, Sentera’s enhanced emergence product adds more than two dozen other early season data elements to track everything from biomass uniformity to machine performance.

“Emergence characterization is one of the most critical in-season measurements for growers and agronomists,” said Taipale. “It is available early in the season, while there’s still plenty of time to detect and mitigate issues.  Our Stand Count products provide better data more quickly, giving our customers the best information to drive their management decisions.”

Sentera’s Mobile Stand Count technology is patent protected. For more information about Sentera’s Stand Count analytics and Mobile Stand Count functionality, visit https://www.senterasensors.wpenginepowered.com.


About Sentera

Sentera helps agronomic leaders maximize every season as the industry-leading provider of ag analytics. With its data science ecosystem, powered by machine learning, Sentera delivers more reliable and scalable plant-level measurements to maximize performance outcomes, which can be informed by aerial imagery captured by Sentera’s drone technology solutions or services. Operating in more than 45 countries, Sentera works with hundreds of customers focused on research, product development, and in-field product validation. For more information, visit https://www.senterasensors.wpenginepowered.com.


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