Sentera Extends Analytics with Crop Damage Insights
| July 5, 2023 |
Now agronomic leaders can rely on Sentera's analytics for critical Crop Damage Insights

New products deliver visibility into the impact of weather events on crops

ST. PAUL, Minn. – JULY 5, 2023 – Sentera, the industry-leading provider of ag analytics, today announces the launch of its Crop Damage analytics to empower researchers, product developers, retail ag advisors, and crop insurance professionals to make critical decisions about mitigation strategies for key weather events.

In the world of agriculture, unforeseen events such as storms or other damage can have a significant impact on crop health and yield potential. The American Farm Bureau Federation reports that 2022 was the third-costliest disaster year event in history, with more than $21.4 billion in crop and rangeland losses.

“We can’t regulate the weather or many other events that can damage crops, but we can control how quickly we can respond to losses,” said Eric Taipale, chief technology officer, Sentera. “Crop Damage analytics offers customers fast, precise, and accurate insight into the location and extent of damage. Customers can use this information to inform mitigation and update management strategies to optimize profitability or an agronomic outcome.”

Leveraging its advanced data science ecosystem, Sentera translates high-resolution aerial imagery into actionable plant-level measurements and insights, empowering stakeholders throughout the agricultural value chain to make better decisions.

Sentera’s Crop Damage analytics works at any scale, from small plot trials to field-scale production. It can serve as a tool to determine resource allocation for boots-on-the-ground scouting while also helping to inform key decisions on replanting and crop management. Further, it can help to support the crop insurance assessment process, leading to informed claim processing efficiency and better visibility into storm impact on the field.

“Our Crop Damage analytics continues to demonstrate the power of our advanced data science ecosystem,” said Taipale. “With our versatile and flexible data capture options, we’re excited to lead the industry in providing analytics and insights that can move the needle on managing – and mitigating – crop loss.”

For more information about Sentera and its Crop Damage analytics, visit https://www.senterasensors.wpenginepowered.com.


About Sentera
Sentera helps agronomic leaders maximize every season as the industry-leading provider of ag analytics. With its data science ecosystem, powered by machine learning, Sentera delivers more reliable and scalable plant-level measurements to maximize performance outcomes, which can be informed by aerial imagery captured by Sentera’s drone technology solutions or services. Operating in more than 45 countries, Sentera works with hundreds of customers focused on research, product development, and in-field product validation. For more information, visit https://www.senterasensors.wpenginepowered.com.


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