Sentera Brings AI to the Field to Advance Agronomic Data 
| October 19, 2022 |
Artificial Intelligence in Agriculture

Advancements to AgTech’s machine learning platform result in more detailed, timely analytics

ST. PAUL, Minn. – Oct. 19, 2022 – Sentera, the industry leading ag analytics platform powered by machine learning, today announced advancements to its machine learning framework that powers more precise and accurate decisions from agronomic leaders. 

Named KRNL, Sentera’s machine learning framework serves as core functionality to its innovative technology solutions and services for the agriculture industry. The machine learning framework delivers detailed data sets to understand crop health, vigor, and maturity; but recent advancements focus on more than that.  

“Traditionally, gathering detailed data about every single plant to understand health and performance took manual labor with people walking the field to get the insights,” said Dimitris Zermas, principal scientist, Sentera. “With our machine learning platform, we’re able to take this work and – depending on the data set – do it in a matter of minutes. Timeliness is critical to being able to validate outcomes to make key business decisions.”  

Sentera serves researchers, product developers, and sales and marketing leaders in agriscience and crop production. It offers a unique solution that begins with its ag drones and sensors, delivering specialized hardware to capture the most detailed high-resolution aerial imagery.  

From there, the images can be stitched together to create an orthomosaic, or if the customer chooses, translated into detailed measurements and data sets for deeper analysis. These data sets provide essential insight into crop health throughout the plant’s life; from initial emergence to understanding canopy cover to offering insight into end-of-season yield outcomes.  

“Today’s manual methods for collecting and analyzing data only produces measurements for a limited number of plants,” said Zermas. “With our machine learning platform, we can deliver detailed crop health and performance data on every plant in the plot trial or field.”  

The agricultural industry has been undergoing the fourth digital revolution, much of which has been accelerated due to the global coronavirus pandemic. For food production, this becomes more imperative. The U.N. predicts that, by 2050, the worlds’ population with be 9 billion. To meet the needs of this population, food productivity will need to increase by 60 percent.   

“Data sits at the core of what will be needed to augment food productivity in the next decades,” said Zermas. “Tools like machine learning in agriculture will continue to modernize the industry and power key advancements to meet the growing needs of our world.”  

Join Sentera’s webinar, “The Future of Machine Learning in Agriculture,” on Tuesday, October 25 at 11 a.m. CT to continue the conversation and hear Zermas discuss how machine learning is poised to change the future of the industry with recent and future advancements.  

For more information about Sentera and its solutions and services for agronomic leaders, visit https://www.senterasensors.wpenginepowered.com 


About Sentera 

Sentera powers in-season decision makers with the fastest and most reliable agronomic insights to maximize performance outcomes, from research, breeding and seed production to in-field product validation and sales support via its FieldAgent® platform to analyze comprehensive digital insights form numerous data providers, including aerial imagery that can be captured by Sentera’s drone technology solutions or services. Operating in more than 45 countries, Sentera works with hundreds of customers to monitor more than 42 million acres in real time. For more information, visit https://www.senterasensors.wpenginepowered.com.



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