Innovation at Sentera: Agriculture Drone Sensors
| February 14, 2023 |

Ag drone systems provide an eye-in-the-sky for agronomists and capture high-value insights. And whether it be capturing RGB imagery or diving deeper with multispectral imagery, the 100% aerial imagery of your plots and fields proves to be extremely valuable. With the development and advancement of sensors, data collection has never been easier and more accurate.  

So, let’s break down the unique specialties and evolution of Sentera’s agriculture drone sensors. 


Getting Started with the High-Precision Single Sensor

Just getting started in aerial imagery? Want to test sharing data with other sources? It can be difficult to get your foot in the door when it comes to leveraging new technologies. Which is why gaining an understanding of what is all on the market is so important. 

Sentera’s High-Precision Single Sensor transforms imagery into detailed analytics for research plot trials, plant breeding, and seed production. Offering both NDVI and NDRE multispectral imagery, you’re able to get a more detailed look into crop health performance data. The insights provided by these indices allow for more precise data available for analysis, allowing you to make more confident and accurate decisions. 

The measurements provided from the imagery captured by the Single Sensor can be turned into a mosaic, allowing even clearer insights into crop health, maturity, and vigor. And the result? A detailed mosaic providing insight into crop health throughout the entire growing season. 


The Versatility of the Double 4K Sensors

Understanding plant health and other key insights into field performance plays a significant role in optimizing yields. And each operation has its own set of goals and plans, calling for more specialized agriculture drone sensors. Sentera’s Double 4K Sensors come in four unique variations to best suit your mission’s goals, making it the most versatile sensor on the market today: 

  1. Double 4K Ag+, RGB and NDVI Multispectral Imagery 
  1. Double 4K Analytics, Zoom RGB and NDVI Multispectral Imagery 
  1. Double 4K Multispectral, 5-Band Multispectral Mapping 
  1. Double 4K NDVI/NDRE, NDVI and NDRE 

Each of these provides different indicators for field or plot performance. The table below breaks which insights are provided by each variant of the Double 4K Sensor. 

double 4k insights

Sentera’s Double 4K Sensor delivers crop health insights at an unmatched 4K resolution, promoting confidence in analysis and your decisions. It’s ability to pick up on key insights through different indices allows users to gain production analysis and full coverage crop health mapping.  

And it’s compatible with numerous drones on the market – including Sentera’s own fixed-wing drone, the PHX. 


Sentera’s 6X Sensors: Two Times the Performance

Though RGB imagery has been proven useful, some insights are difficult to pick up by the naked eye. Not everything is detectible from normal imagery, which is where multispectral and thermal sensors come into play. The 6X Sensors are broken down into two sensors: the 6X Multispectral Sensor and the 6X Thermal Sensor. By offering two options, this transforms data collection for ag researchers.  

The 6X Multispectral Sensor provides science grade multispectral imaging with fast-frame rate performance combined with high radiometric accuracy; resulting in more efficient and advanced imagery. And the 6X Thermal Sensor extends optics with pixel-level temperature measurement across all imagery, picking up on even more precise insights. Both provide the analytics needed to power critical decisions while boosting productivity and efficiency.  

So, what are some key insights provided by the 6X Sensors? 

  • Canopy Cover, showcases fraction and uniformity of green vegetation 
  • Crop Health, quantifies the effects of products and treatments 
  • Flowering, monitors flowering development throughout the entire season to characterize crop growth stage, development, and maturity 
  • Residue Cover, provides the amount of residue covering bare soil, indicating how to manage the soil 
  • Stand Count, provides insight into crop emergency and uniformity 

These would be otherwise undetectable or more difficult to understand without advancements in technology. The 6X Sensors were designed to meet the demand requirements of research and data sciences; capturing eight channels of image data to provide the advanced imagery needed for precise and accurate analytics. 


Capture More in Less Time: Sentera’s 65R Sensor

Optimizing productivity is the end goal for several reasons, but two significant driving factors are increasing profitability and promoting sustainability. By gaining fast and precise insights into crop and field performance, it can only assist in making these decisions and adjustments throughout the season to promote productivity and boost yields. 

Sentera’s 65R  is our first ultra-high-resolution agriculture drone sensor built for precision and endurance. Built with minimum size and weight, its compact size helps boost endurance, cutting flight times down. It can fly longer while capturing more pixels per image – allowing you to capture more in less time. And this all goes without sacrificing data quality.  

It gets even better, the 65R is compatible with Sentera’s DGR System – making mapping your fields easier and more accurate than ever. The DGR System adds high-precision location certainty to the high-resolution imagery being captured by the 65R while increasing project efficiency by 3x! 

At Sentera, we value innovation and advancing our technologies to provide the most efficient and precise products on the market. From ag drone systems to our machine learning platform, we stride towards delivering fast and accurate insights to power agronomic decisions and boost productivity – meeting the demands of the growing population and limiting resources. 

Agriculture drone sensors are continuing to evolve; working on ways to continue the advancement towards more efficient, precise, and accurate data capture. 

Which agriculture drone sensor is the best fit for your needs? Check out our '23 Ag Drone & Sensors Buyer's Guide for more information.
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