Sentera: Your Trusted Partner In Precision Agriculture Innovation

Drone pilot navigating drone over row crop field for Aerial WeedScout analysis

About Sentera

With over a decade of specialized experience, Sentera stands at the forefront of precision agriculture innovation. Our expert team, comprising engineers, data scientists, and agricultural specialists, develops advanced solutions that redefine profitable farming. By harnessing the power of reliable remote data collection, our technologies facilitate timely decision-making, empowering growers and agribusinesses to achieve unmatched levels of profitability.

Our Mission

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Sentera is dedicated to building a future where precision farming is within reach for every farmer. Together with our partners, we aim to equip farmers and advisors with transformative tools, unlocking new levels of profitability and pioneering an era of agronomic decision-making based on profound insights into field conditions.

Leading Agricultural Sensor Innovation

Sentera is at the forefront of developing advanced sensors designed specifically for agricultural applications. Our vertically integrated technology stack enables us to continuously innovate and enhance our sensors, ensuring that we consistently deliver highly precise, accurate, and timely insights to our customers.​
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Our Vision

Aerial WeedScout is just the starting point for Sentera’s vision of a comprehensive remote-based precision management platform. By delivering scalable, actionable insights across the season for crop stressors such as disease, nutrient deficiencies, and fertility, we empower farmers and agribusinesses with timely, precise data-driven information. This enhances efficiency and profitability across the supply chain, reduces risk, and facilitates the adoption of accessible precision agriculture solutions for farms of all sizes.​


Brian Wenngatz CEO

Brian Wenngatz

Chief Executive Officer
Eric Tiapale

Eric Taipale

Chief Technology Officer & Founder

Matthew Nanne

Matthew Nanne

Head of Finance

Ryan ORourke

Hank Guenther, PHR

Director of People

Ryan Nelson - General Manager (Data Production Systems)

Ryan Nelson

General Manager (Data Production Systems)

Brian Eickhoff - Director of DPS Engineering

Brian Eickhoff

Director of DPS Engineering




With employees located around the country, we value teamwork as a core value — working together to help our customers solve their biggest challenge.

Customer Care

Customer Focus

Our customers come first and it’s evident in how we do business, as we continually seek ways to improve and optimize the Sentera customer experience.



Sentera sits at the intersection of agriculture and technology, and our teams are dedicated to delivering new solutions to drive the industry ahead.


Customer Focus

From delivering high-quality sensors to derailed data set to software tools, we are a trusted partner that helps our customers confidently make decisions.

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